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My Journey from Maker to Store Owner

The first notion I ever held was a crochet hook.  My grandmother patiently taught me to crochet the spring I turned 8. She was amazing with a hook and made the most intricate doilies; they were the most beautiful things I had ever seen.  Later, my mother, a seamstress at heart and by trade, made my sister and I matching outfits.  My favorite one was in lemon-yellow seer sucker. 

These ladies had unknowingly laid the foundation for what became a lifelong love of making and crafting.  As a young mother, the barely successful mending for my family and making skirts for my girls was the highlight of my week. Two decades later, my husband surprised me with a popular cutter system and told me i was going to love quilting. The lady at the local quilt store had assured him of it.  My first quilt was a baby blanket for my first grandson, born later that year; instantly I was obsessed. Many, many quilts later, I still love it. I love the planning, the cutting, the chain piecing, even (at times) the seam ripper.

Store Front

My favorite part is the fabric. When I realized that my local quilt store was closing, I was more than a little upset. Flippantly, I told my husband that I should just open my own quilt store.  He calmly tuned to me and said, "Go for it." 
So here I am, fulfilling a vision I had only dared to dream about. 

I'm so blessed and grateful to be able to have a place where other makers can come and see the colors with their own eyes, feel the material and know they found the right one. I'm looking forward to meeting all the makers and seeing all their beautiful works in progress. If someone had told that young mother where all the mending and twirl skirts would lead, she, I would have never believed it. The lady at the quilt store had been right after all and now I am the store owner.

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